“Safety is complicated, time-consuming and expensive!”

That’s what businesses were telling us in 2006 and we listened carefully to all their frustrations.  They told us about endless reams of paperwork and tick boxes gathering dust on shelves.  We saw managers stuck in the office, distracted from what they do best: looking after customers and serving great food.

And so, with these thoughts ringing in our ears, we made it our mission to transform the face of food consultancy forever….

We know it’s not easy to change the world overnight, but we can help you make a start by sticking to what we believe in:

Be Simple & Honest

Everyone at SureFoot believes safety should always be kept simple, fun and easy to understand.  That way, there’s no confusion and you’ll always know exactly where you stand.

Break the Mould

Our goal has always been to break through the red tape, allowing you freedom to run a safe business.  We enjoy challenging the norm, the mediocre, the unnecessary.  For us, the overriding aim is safety, not compliance.

Be Knowledgeable

To uphold our values we carefully selected a team of dynamic professionals, not stuffy auditors.  Obviously, we’ve earned our stripes and know our stuff.  But more importantly, all of us know what it’s like to actually manage on the frontline.

This means we provide sensible solutions, which help you achieve safety without always costing the Earth.

Be Involved!

Many of our competitors audit their clients but always stay ‘at arms length.’  We’re adamant the only way to improve a business’ safety culture is to be fully immersed in what you do.  We strive to build relationships with your teams at all levels, whilst also bravely reporting exactly what we see; ‘warts and all’.



To ensure you get the best advice from respected industry leaders, we work closely with a number of trusted partners.

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Join the Family

We’re always on the look out for those who share our passion and beliefs, and love to hear from like-minded people. If you think working with SureFoot could be for you, drop us an email to info@surefootsolutions.com