Online Compliance System

Let us help you to get the paperwork out of the office and on to your computer.

Upload documents and files; accessible from your computer, tablet or mobile. Our system also allows you to receive real time notifications of Accidents, Food Safety Incidents and Enforcement Officer visits to select people within your organisation.

Safety Assessments

We hate the word ‘audit’ and everything that goes with it.  Instead we’re simply taking a snapshot of your business on any given day; to tell you the truth and offer straightforward advice.  Assessments cover all the areas of food hygiene and health and safety you’d expect.  We can also support you achieving recognised accreditation, such as SALSA or BRC.

Safety Manuals

We believe you have to tell people what the expectations are, before you can make any kind of assessment.  Our safety manuals are designed to be simple, easy to understand and must be bespoke to your business.  We take the stress out of policy development and HACCP, allowing you to focus your energy elsewhere.

Accident Investigation and Claims Handling

In the unfortunate event that something does go wrong, we offer help and support investigating the event and advising you on the next steps you need to take.

Food Safety Complaints

In the event of an alleged food poisoning complaint, your customers need to know you’re taking them seriously.  As part of our service, we investigate complaints swiftly and respond to customers for you. Reassurance for them and peace of mind for your business.

Food Science and Nutrition

How many calories are in this dish?  How much salt and how much fat?  Customers are asking this question every day.   We can help you stay one step ahead by calculating all the nutritional information for you.

New Product Development

There’s always new ways to prepare food, new bits of kit or new trends to keep us excited. However with any new concept or technology comes uncertainty, particularly from the authorities.  Vacuum packing machines, sous-vide cooking or rare burgers can all attract unnecessary attention. We can help find a safe solution and keep your business at the cutting edge of catering.

Professional Advice

There are times when you just want to speak to somebody, who really understands your business, and can give you the best advice.  We don’t charge for the phone-calls we receive, or the emails we write.

We’ve helped people facing legal challenges, court summons, improvement notices and even prohibition notices.   If there’s a problem and you need help, we wouldn’t expect you to call anyone else.

Quality Assurance

As your business brand gets bigger, consistency across products or sites becomes ever more important.  We complete quality assurance on products for our clients to ensure whenever a customer buys food, it’s always the same, whether they’re in Gloucester or Glasgow.

Risk Assessment, Fire Risk Assessment and Safe Systems of Work

Protecting your team is a priority for any business and workplaces can be a dangerous environment; we help you spot the hazards and introduce simple, realistic measures to control them.

Supply Chain Management

Customers are increasingly aware of the complex food chains in our industry and, quite rightly, they want to know exactly where their food is coming from.  We can make the necessary checks on your suppliers, helping you to feel confident that your food is safe when it arrives at the back door.

Training and Education

Training needs to be delivered with energy, be engaging and be interesting.  We teach accredited courses, which we make relevant to your business, so your teams can really get the most from training.

As well as all the well-known stuff, we also develop bespoke courses and workshops, which give your teams exactly the information they need, the way you want it.

Have a look at our training page for more details about the courses we can offer.