Safety Advisor Vacancy

SureFoot Solutions is growing up. We’re 10 years old already and thinking big. We’ve built our reputation on our people, our service and our honesty. Personality is key in this game and we want yours to shine.

We’re proud of our huge family of amazing Clients and are welcoming more into the SureFoot way of life all the time.

Safety Advisor

When Clients think of SureFoot, they think of the people at SureFoot. There’s no sexy product or fancy marketing to hide behind. Therefore a Safety Advisor has to really be the face of the business everyday. They lead by example, are super-organised, genuine and friendly. In the same three hours, they can be chatting with the Kitchen Porter, giving some hard feedback to a Manager and summarizing the high and low lights with the Area Manager.
Safety Advisors have to be amazingly organised, planning complex diaries and appointments months in advance, only to have them turned over in days. Our Clients love the Safety Advisor’s eye for detail and their approachability and fairness.
The Safety Advisor is nothing like an Inspector, both in their demeanor and their report writing. Instead, they talk and act in way our Clients respect and understand.

Every Client has a designated Client Manager, but it’s you the frontline of the business really sees everyday. This means you get to build fantastic relationships with a huge number of people and are often their first point of contact for support.

Safety Advisors are completely field based and rarely found in our Soho offices (no problem to pop in and say hi though!) They work wherever our Clients have sites, which can be anywhere in the UK, but more often than not these are in London. Reporting to the Client Manager, almost daily over the phone, they see the rest of the team at meetings or maybe on a team night out.

We’ll love you if you….

· Have experience of working in a catering business, ie; restaurant, bar, café, food manufacturer etc
· Are amazing with people and can handle the whole range of human emotions including crying, anger, frustration, pride and ambivalence
· Love travelling everyday across the UK and sometimes internationally
· Enjoy working on your own, making your own decisions and solving problems
· Can plan a complex diary weeks in advance, only to have it turned on it’s head by Wednesday
· Live somewhere near London or South West and have a full driver’s licence
· Have any previous experience of auditing, inspecting or assessing a food business
· Are a spelling and grammar freak

Today’s Thursday….what might a Safety Advisor be doing?

  • Responding to 2 customer feedbacks on the train to work
  • Dealing with a complex pest issue
  • Coaching a new chef on how to cool food properly
  • Chatting to another Safety Advisor about something strange they found during an assessment
  • Speaking to an Operations Director, talking them through an assessment you completed
  • Completing another assessment in the afternoon, this time with a food quality assessment included – Yum!
  • Checking the audit allocation to ensure all assessments are on track in the diary
  • Responding to a Client’s query regarding your assessment
  • Finish writing the 2 reports from today and emailing out to the Client’s MD, Finance Director, Head of Safety and Operations Manager

Salary Range & Benefits

Every month a wad of cash appears in your bank account. How much will depend on your experience and how you develop in the business. By the end of the year it should have reached somewhere between £22-25K.
But work isn’t all about money. Everyone at SureFoot has the right to challenge existing practices, make recommendations and really shape the business. As an advisor, you get autonomy over your own diary and the chance to make a real difference in a Clients’ world. We’re also flexible in terms of out of work commitments. Our philosophy is that as long as the work gets done, you should be able to manage your life how you want.
We also offer benefits such as company pension scheme, income protection (if you’re off work for a long time) and more than 5 weeks holiday.

What do I do now?

Send us a brief CV to
We look through hundreds of applications, so a 2-page CV is plenty, just makes sure it covers:

Name, address, phone and email
A brief summary about yourself – what you’re up to in life, both at work and at home, and what you can bring to our team.

Employment History – Your last 2 jobs is fine (unless there’s something relevant you want us to know).
Qualifications – And your highest/most recent qualifications is enough. Whether you have an A* or a C in GCSE maths is unlikely to affect your chances!
References – We’ll request them anyway, so may as well include them

Closing date: 4th February 2017